Mechanic Services Melbourne, Northcote, Thornbury & Fairfield, VLC

At LineaRossa Alphington we offer the very best in customer care. With upfront quoting we will never do work on your car that you have not authorised. With the Automotive industry changing so quickly, you have to stay up to date with information and technology. With the very best diagnostic equipment and information services, LineaRossa will offer the very best service for your car or 4wd.

Mechanical Services

  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Cooling System Flush and Service
  • Data Recovery
  • Tyres
  • Fuel Injection Flush & Service
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Transmission Service
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Power Steering Flush
  • Brakes
  • 4×4 Service
  • Log Book Service
  • Diesel Service
  • Fleet Service

Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Get your car or 4x4s air con working better then ever with an air con service for around $150. We can also diagnose and repair any faults with your system at prices that can’t be beaten.

Cooling System Flush and Service

The coolant system on most cars should be flushed and changed every two to three years, if not it can do damage to your engine and radiator through corrosion. It also stops working and can allow your engine temperature to go too high which can also to major damage to your engine.

Data Recovery

At LineaRossa we have state of the art computer scanners that can read trouble codes in your car’s computer and help diagnose any problems with your vehicle. We also have up to date information look up services. If you have warning lights coming up on the dashboard then give us a call straight away to help prevent any further damage to your car. We can also reset any service lights.


At LineaRossa car service and repair we have all the top brands of tyres like Goodyear, Michellin, Bridgestone and cheaper brands such as Hero, Silverstone and Sailun all fitted and balanced on site, we have the best tyre prices in town, call us for a quote. We can Balance your tyres and repair punctures and leaks while you wait. So if you are in the Alphington, Ivanhoe, Fairfield and Northcote area, come in and get a quote or call us for an obligation free quote. For more info visit our Tyre Page.

Fuel Injection Flush and Service

If your not get the fuel efficiency that you previously got from your car, it may be a sign that the fuel injectors are not working properly or are blocked. Fuel Injectors spray a nice mist of fuel into your cylinders allowing it to burn at its optimal efficiency, if the injectors are not working then they may created droplets of petrol that can’t be burnt, seriously effecting performance and fuel economy. Call for a quote and get your car running like new again.

Clutch Replacement

If your clutch is on its way out, bring it in and we’ll get you back on the road asap. Whether it is a standard clutch or high performance the experienced team at LineaRossa can get your flywheel machined and fit the new clutch normally within one day.

Transmission Service

Do you find that your automatic transmission is slipping or clunking into gear. It may have further problems however often your auto transmission can perform much better with a service by a qualified mechanic. From $150 to change the Auto trans fluid and filter it can make a big difference. Bring your car in and we can check the quality of the Auto Fluid in your car.

Suspension and Steering

Is your cars suspension working as well as it should, do you feel bumps in the road more then you used to? Bring your car into LineaRossa to check out your steering and suspension. For a full range of shock absorbers and spring from Munroe, Pedder’s, Koni and King, also bushes and steering parts, we can supply and fit to get you on the road the same day. Do you have funny noises whenever you turn the steering wheel? You may just need a power steering flush, when the power steering fluid gets old it can make the pump noisy. From just $49 the team at LineaRossa can fix this problem.


Full range of brake pads, discs and drums available at great price, Machining of discs and drums also available. We can repair any fault with your braking system, from brake fluid leaks, noisy or dusty brakes or vibration when braking. For more info visit or Brake Page

Log Book Service

If your car is still under manufacturers warranty you can bring your car to LineaRossa Auto Service Centre without affecting your new car warranty. As long as you follow the service schedule for your vehicle which you can normally find in your glove box. If there are any repairs needed for your car that should be covered by your new car warranty our mechanic will advised and directed you to the nearest dealer to have the repairs done free of charge.

Diesel Car Service

With the price of fuel, a lot of people are turning to diesel powered car for the fuel efficiency. LineaRossa can service and repair all makes of diesel car and 4×4 including turbo models. We use the highest quality Castrol diesel engine oils to suit your car, ensuring that it will keep performing at its best for years to come.

Fleet Service

If you have a fleet of vehicles and are looking for the very best price for service and maintence of these cars or light commercial vehicles by qualified mechanics, call Jon on 9499 1770 to arrange for him to come to you and work out the best price possible.

Where we’re located

Fairfield is very central to the inner east of Melbourne, surrounded by suburbs like Ivanhoe, Alphington, Northcote and Kew. With Fairfield Train station a quick walk and the Eastern freeway 2min away it won’t take you long to get in. With loan cars available on request we are sure to make your experience as quick and easy as possible.

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