Whether you’ve recently bought a new or used vehicle, or have been driving your current one for years, there are a few easy strategies that can help you maintain its driving performance and help you avoid expensive repairs. LineaRossa, the go-to garage for anyone needing a mechanic in Thornbury, Alphington or surrounds, enjoys nothing more than seeing vehicles running their best and can suggest a few maintenance tips.

These aren’t a substitute for regular car servicing in Melbourne, but can help you avoid a more costly car repair service in Melbourne:

Regularly check tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is an important factor affecting the wear and tear on your vehicle and, fortunately, is also an easy fix. Tyre pressures that are too high or low may result in compromised handling, braking and fuel consumption, and increased tyre wear.

Regulate your speed

Travelling at a uniform speed where possible will potentially add years of life to your car. Excess speeding places greater strain on every component of your car, as does constant, abrupt changes.

Take care of your brakes

Being as gentle as possible on your brakes will help you avoid the need for brake repairs in Melbourne. Try not to overload your vehicle and drive at a appropriate speed, so that there is less need for heavy braking.

Conserve battery life

By switching off all the battery-operated apparatus in your car before you do the same for the ignition, you significantly reduce battery usage and improve its lifespan.

Keep your logbook up to date

This method of car service in Melbourne is the surest way to look after your vehicle the way your manufacturer intended, and ensures your warranty remains intact. By following manufacturer guidelines, you will help maximise performance and minimise the need for additional work by a mechanic in Melbourne. By undertaking these relatively minor and easy tasks, you’ll not only save money on repairs and servicing, but also improve the performance of your vehicle over its lifetime. For those times when repairs and servicing are unavoidable, LineaRossa is a name you can trust, with the latest in mechanic technology and a vastly experienced team. Whether you need Lexus repairs, diesel or fleet servicing in Melbourne or a mechanic oil change, we offer all these services and many more, all undertaken with the same commitment to quality workmanship.

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